Investing into research and applied neurobiotech projects via cryptocurrency algorithms efficiently, responsibly and transparently
Harmonious development is the most important quality of an effective and productive life. There are many concepts of development, ranging from the abilities of a person and ending with all sorts of processes that occur around us.

Perhaps someone will say that she/he is already sufficiently developed and has all the necessary resources for further existence. However, many of us do not even consider the fact that our own smartphone gets updated on a daily basis and, in a sense, is developing beyond us. While some people seem to remain at the same level, although in reality undergoing a relative degradation.

So what are we aiming at? The point is that development is an ongoing and necessary process that has no limits of perfection, and therefore it is vitally important to develop. In this process we are happy to support you. After all, the time passed when it was necessary to wait or depend on external factors for big movement ahead. Nowadays diverse processes that we can influence as well as all information networks and social interactions, which we are an integral part of, can be efficiently optimized by ourselves and simultaneously aligned with global information flows, and we can take advantage of this rare opportunity competently for the most effective personal and systemic development.

The NeuroDAO Foundation, which we are happy to present to you, is investing into research and applied neuro-biotech projects, focused on revealing true human potential.

And, as we are advancing personal and systemic development, you now have a unique opportunity to buy a ticket to future in the present, becoming manifest on the basis of efficiency, responsibility and transparency - the basic principles of the digital economy.
The NeuroDAO Foundation
Since we are on the Mindful Way, our foundation aims to become your system guide in the world of smart, efficient and transparent digital money, where all processes are extremely dynamic, possessing an obvious trend to develop in new directions and with an ever increasing synergetic potential.

However, despite the rapid take-off of the digital economy, which we are now witnessing, in sharp relief against the burgeoning crypto-currencies, the near future of the classical financial system is seen as turbulent. In this regard, we need to think about how to provide for stable growth of your smart digital assets while the orthodox fiat currencies remain in the doldrums.

Thanks to our long-term experience in managing crypto-currency projects, we are building an effective infrastructure for new financial relations and platform solutions, gradually integrating select projects from the real sector. And these are just forerunners of the imminent digital future.

The emergence of such projects will not become the moment of truth for the digital economy on smart contracts in general, because these goods and services can also be bought with fiat currencies. The right moment will come when there are such projects, products and services that can be purchased only with specially designated tokens. One good example is

So, rather sooner than later, we will have to change our dull orthodox money for smart digital currencies. Not to mention the fact that some groundbreaking technological solutions for extension and improvement of life will only be available in exchange for new smart money.

The NeuroDAO Foundation supports projects that create the landscape of our digital future and a radically new social-economic paradigm.

We invite investors and strategic partners to join our future in the present. We also offer neuro-biotech development teams to join in our pool with their most innovative projects. Ultimately, the more innovative applied projects get digitized and managed via the blockchain technology, the stronger our digital economy will become, and its development will be even more dynamic.
Investment algorithm
Due to the latest regulatory trends, set by the SEC, which are also to be implemented in Singapore, where NeuroDAO Pte. Ltd. is registered, it is necessary to bypass the regulation of our tokens as a security. Our task is to classify NDAO as a non-profit token platform being used for discussing community proposals and voting in DAO format without direct reference to investment.

As always, the NeuroDAO Foundation has come up with a wise and balanced solution. We are issuing our revised smart contract that will designate for the NDAO token owners a 5% bonus in tokens off of the projects, supported by the NeuroDAO Foundation. In this regard, we are providing a full-fledged migration of previously and currently distributed NDAO tokens to the new smart contract.

In compliance with the above-described algorithm, your long-term possession of NDAO tokens becomes the principal advantage, as the number of projects supported by the NeuroDAO Foundation will increase progressively. This progression will be reflected in the constant flow of newsmakers, which will be competently used by our marketing team to ensure a continual increase in the price of the NDAO tokens.

The NDAO tokens are listed on exchange starting from late August 2017.

The initial value is set up with a minimum x10 multiplier. In order to ensure the growth of the NDAO token's value, the community intends to release monthly to the market not more than 1% of all the volume raised prior to and in ICO (via the smart contract algorithm). The main goal of the NeuroDAO community is to achieve the x100 growth factor by August 2018.

Smartconract algorithm
Financial distribution
Hardcap: 1000 ETH.

  • 500 ETH—marketing/PR
  • 200 ETH—development
  • 100 ETH—exchange entering expenses
  • 100 ETH—support for exchange entering
  • 100 ETH—organizational expenses
Tokens held by the core team (5,000,000) and experts (5,000,000) are used to facilitate project development in the course of 5 years and will be distributed equally each year. 5,000,000 tokens go to early investors of the RuNeuro project.

The total amount of tokens to be distributed—20,000,000—bestows on investors the right to participate in sharing 10% off of the N17 token emission aimed at investments in neuro-biotech projects selected for the NeuroDAO Foundation portfolio in 2017 (for 5% off of the projects' token reward).
Why NeuroDAO?
Neuro—the human neuropotential—Mind, our most important computer, which can and should be managed, in order to open new boundaries and opportunities in life. DAO is not only a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, but also a Way.
2017 list of projects
Preselected projects for 2017 year foundation portfolio
Neurointeface development
Neuro-biotech platform for customizable nutrition recommendations based on the existing line of smart products
Radical life extension treatments
Foundation management
Zamir Akimov
Dennis Rysef
Hanesh Mehta
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